Think Green



Together Lets Save One Million Trees

SHREDOCS Commitment to Our Community is to Save One Million Trees. With your Help and the help of others we can save trees and energy.


SHREDOCS “Thinks Green” and we recycle 100% of the materials we shred. On an average Southern California recycles over 100,000 pounds of paper per month. Cardboard, film, x-rays and plastic media are recycled using a different processes than paper and require separation by our SHREDOCS team members so that they too can all be RECYCLED.

Recyclable Material Transportation

SHREDOCS will take any additional “non-shredded” paper our customers have to be recycled and transport it directly to a recycling center, at no additional charge, as part of the services we provide. A transportation fee may be included for businesses that are not interested in our document destruction service.

Green Facts

  • It requires 7,000 gallons of water and 17 trees to produce 1 ton of paper.
  • 500,000 trees are destroyed to produce the nationwide Sunday newspaper.
  • The average American consumes 7 trees a year in paper and wood products.
  • Recycled means “less waste” and we can extend the life of our landfills.
  • Protect your identity and the environment at the same time!!!

Special Events

At SHREDOCS we are commited to help you and help our community, If you are planning a special event shredaton's are a great way to get the community involved. Contact SHREDOCS to Schedule your next event.